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The Valsecchi Casalinghi was founded in 1958 in Calverley (BG) where it still has its headquarters.
In the same year he began his own production of aluminum cookware, which is a well taken
primary business location, thanks to the constant quality of the materials used to
accurate finishes and a serious and planned production.
Today Valsecchi Casalinghi operates on an area of 4000 square meters well.
covered, divided by sales offices, warehouses, and production.
Trade policy adopted and the company reliability have enabled the
Valsecchi Casalinghi to expand its borders and export almost one quarter
In the last decade the market for aluminum cookware has undergone a continuous evolution
shapes, colors, thicknesses and only technology companies have been able to prepare
meet the new requirements.
The Valsecchi Casalinghi offers over 1000 items of diameters, thickness, colors
and different forms thickness from 1 mm to 3.5 mm, painted or screen printed with coating
stick P.T.F.E. three layers, modern forms or traditional handles and knobs material
resistant to high temperatures.
The modern technology of the equipment and many years of experience allows
Valsecchi Casalinghi to meet the needs of the market with rapidity
production, quality workmanship and on time delivery.